ZipLine launches new debit card program with petroleum company CITGO

17 November 2016

Oil and gasoline company CITGO have entered into a partnership with the convenience store ACH payments processing company ZipLine for consumer and retailer benefits and to launch new CITGO Check Card. According to a vice president at CITGO the card combines the two advantages – brings added value to card holders and reduces the fees for transaction processing for retailers.

The two partners unveiled their new product CITGO Check Card to be provided at all stations of American fuel company CITGO. Customers will save 1% of their cash every time they make payment for their purchases with the card.

The card is based on the debit/ACH payment scheme developed and aimed at consumer loyalty providing bonuses and rewards on payments for the fuel or other purchases at CITGO locations while cutting the processing costs for the retailer owners.

In order to become a card holder users may ask for the one at any CITGO location or order it online. The card allows consumers to link their bank account to it and functions as an electronic type of check. Users perform their payments entering the PIN code and their user name.

ZipLine changed its corporate name in 2014 turning into the current brand from the National Payment Card Association (NPCA). It was one of the first to develop decoupled debit programs across the US. It is providing convenient solutions both to customers and merchants cutting the processing costs and enhancing the transaction security.

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