Young people to use mobile payments with Venmo at over 2 million US stores

17 October 2017

Venmo Users of Venmo, a mobile payment service owned by PayPal, will be provided an opportunity to make purchases at physical stores of high street retail chains, according to the latest report of the company. PayPal announced that customers will soon have access to mobile payment functionality to pay for the items at over 2 million outlets at high streets of the United States.

PayPal expressed its confidence that adoption of Venmo mobile payments across a wide range of merchants will create new possibilities for retailing sector as Venmo app features social component encouraging customers to share their shopping tips with their relatives and friends. Retailers, thus, will benefit from the purchasing potential resulting from this social interaction.

Bill Ready, a COO at PayPal, notes that the investments funneled into the architecture of Venmo platform make it possible to offer it as a payment option for millions of merchants already working with PayPal at one haul, as there is no need for supplementary integration operations on the part of the merchants.

Customers will be offered an option to select between PayPal and Venmo at the checkout, and to prevent confusion the company is holding trials with the select merchants over introducing dynamically-painted buttons for payment distinctively identifying two different methods.

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