Yahoo clarifies on the data breaches from 2013 to 2016 or just contrives such clarification

28 February 2017

New details on the data theft that inundated Yahoo accounts have been recently provided by the Company as the investigation is underway on the part of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Today it is more clear how many accounts have been breached over these years and what efforts the Company is making to enhance its security.

The key activity aimed at improving the protection and safety of user accounts is confined to daily briefings and presentations made by Yahoo’s CISO Bob Lord at the meetings to advance the security culture of the company employees.

Meantime the Senate panel scrutinizing the internet giant over its response to the breaches may view this anxiety at the top management level as being late in the least, as based on the available data in 2013 over 1 billion accounts were compromised with further breaches occurred in 2014 (500 million accounts), 2015 and 2016.

This month Yahoo received a fierce letter from senators John Thune and Jerry Moran demanding to report on the response actions taken by the company in view of all breaches occurred to date. As Yahoo missed the meeting with the Senate committee seeking to learn more about the nature, scale of the incidents and the steps initiated by the company’s management to further mitigate customers and protect them against the harm apart from the publicly accessible information.

Some of the provided facts include the information about Yahoo’s close cooperating with law enforcement agencies that notified Yahoo of stolen data from 1 billion accounts. Besides, major part of the accounts compromised in 2014 were involved in the breach occurred in 2013. Yahoo also hired a specialist to work on security without further elaborating on the name and title. It is also increasing the work force of its Advanced Persistent Threat team to deal with the state-sponsored attacks. Yahoo also relies on an independent committee formed by its board of directors to conduct an investigation into the data breaches as it wishes to distance its employees from the Senate and public questions in the wake of the upcoming deal with the Verizon that may be depreciated by 350 million US dollars to the total of 4.48 billion given the current lame security situation.

While Yahoo tried to dust public eyes, it is clear that no substantial explanation is still available, and the questions of the Senate remain open.

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