Worldpay introduces model application for in-game purchases with VR headset

25 May 2017

WorldpayWorldpay, a London-based global payments processing provider, is launching its pilot test of virtual reality payment system with the use of HTC Vive VR set. The new pilot, being a result of an 18-month development and design, will be a model application allowing gamers immersed into the virtual reality world to make purchases in-game by imitating the real-world card payment transaction.

Users wishing to purchase some item in the virtual world will see the item price along with the virtual EFTPOS terminal, and making payments under £ 30 players will just have to tap their virtual card over the terminal. For transactions exceeding the limit amount established for contactless payments, users will be offered a special display panel where they need to enter their PIN to confirm the transaction.

Worldpay plans to launch special tools for makers of video games as well as other merchants and businesses like Ikea and Asos, which have a liking to virtual reality payment experiments.

Nick Telford-Reed, an innovation director at Worldpay, notes that the company in developing this model application aimed at ensuring smooth and secure experience for customers wishing to make payments in the virtual reality. He expressed his confidence in limitless opportunities posed by this technology despite its nascent state, stressing the advantages arising for merchants apt to try virtual and augmented reality.

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