Worldpay is approached by JPMorgan and Vantiv over possible acquisition proposal

4 July 2017

WorldpayFinancial Times published a report about speculations in the payments processing markets circling round the potential takeover of Worldpay, on the wheels of which the exchange rate of its shares surged 26% up to 403 p, bringing its market capitalization to the line of about 7.9 billion pounds. The largest payments processor in the United Kingdom was approached separately by JPMorgan and Vantiv, a US-based public payment processing and technology provider, with the acquisition proposals.

FT notes that such an unsolicited request for acquisition is a natural consequence of the general trend in the consumer behavior as many users shift from paper money to digital transactions and card payments made online and at physical locations.

Worldpay owns a technology enabling merchants and business clients to accept plastic card transactions and online payments made by shoppers and customers.

This report appears several days after similar speculations emerged with respect to Nets Holding, a Denmark-based provider of payments, cards and information services. The company provided confirmation over the weekends that it has received approaches over potential acquisition, still voicing no names.

In its statement Nets commented that it can confirm approaches and is currently reviewing the options. Yet, the company believes it is an early stage and there is still no certainty about the possible results.

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