Wirecard expands mobile payment solution for teens to Spain

13 November 2017

Wirecard Wirecard, a Bavaria-based global internet technology and financial services provider, has partnered with Orange over expansion of their joint project Orange Cash Joven to Spain. This project, aimed at young people under age of 18, provides teen youth with a financial instrument allowing them to make payments for the purchased items using their smartphones. Earlier the project was successfully implemented across France under the title of Orange Cash Jeune.

Given the figures showing that teenagers tend to heavily use their mobile devices in everyday life, while a substantial number of them have no bank accounts or credit cards for payment purposes, Orange Cash Joven helps to address this issue by enabling parents to fully control spending of their young ones and providing access to funds for the underage.

Orange Cash Joven comes as a web interface for parent control and mobile app for teenager use. Parents can monitor spending activity of their children, establishing limits on charges and viewing the expenses, while young people may use this special account allocated for them through Orange Cash to pay in stores.

Philippe Laranjeiro, speaking for Wirecard, notes that nine out of ten young Spanish are increasingly using their mobile phones to access the internet while on the go, which determines their preferences in terms of the payment options in favor of mobile money. The joint solution from Wirecard and Orange provides the teens with the flexibility of using mobile finances in any convenient way and place.

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