Westpac integrates iMessage money transfers into its mobile banking app

19 January 2018

WestpacWestpac, a Sydney-based Australian bank and financial services provider, announced the introduction of a mobile banking feature accessible from iMessage to owners of Apple devices. Customers can now initiate mobile payments to their friends using the extension of the Westpac Mobile Banking App, when they text on their iPhones.

In order to use the service customers need to press on Westpac icon in the dialogue window on their smartphones and select to make payment, generate a Cardless Cash code, share BSB or account details without the need to leave any text message.

George Frazis, speaking for Westpac, noted that the bank is seeking to provide more options to their consumers and broader choice in banking services, so the introduction of a new shortcut on the mobile application integrating Westpac with iMessage is expected to be welcomed by the users.

The announcement about the extension on the mobile app comes shortly after Westpac reported that it has partnered with Amazon over enabling access to the account balance information, spending history and reward details using Alexa voice assistant.

The relationship between Westpac and Apple aggravated by the dispute considered by the Australian competition regulator over enforcing access to NFC-technology on iPhones, was further spoiled by Apple’s requirement to remove PayKey banking icons inserted at the bottom of the screen when consumers send their text messages. Hence, the new announcement is a positive development in the dynamics of their relationship.

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