WeChat Pay may be used for payments on Apple App Store

31 August 2017

WeChat Owners of Apple devices in China will now be able to make purchases in the App Store using their WeChat Pay account as the two companies have entered into an unexpected partnership. In it official statement Apple noted that the company uses its best endeavors to provide an expanded choice of payment options to its customers across its platforms.

The deal is a strategic move for Apple taking into account higher earnings generated in Q2 in China as compared to other markets globally, as reported by App Annie. Still, Apple owns a small share of the Chinese market pushing out by major local competitors. Last November Apple started accepting Alipay for payments for its mobile applications.

Meantime, the deal contributes to the growth of Tencent, that operates WeChat Pay, as the larger share of the market is still held by Alipay (50%), while WeChat Pay holds a 40% market share. Three years ago share of Alipay was recorded at the level of 80%.

The partnership announcement was somewhat astonishing, as Apple and Tencent are competing in the market with WeChat Pay leading the mobile messaging area. Besides, the two rivals had some disputes in public over purchases made in the App Store, as Apple required Tencent to disable a tip feature available on WeChat to make it compliant with the policies regulating the App Store. Apple viewed money tips given by the mobile messenger users to the content creators as purchases made within the application, and Apple snags 30% of those purchases.

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