Wealth management of JPMorgan Chase to integrate fintech innovations

21 September 2016

JPMorgan ChaseThe financial services holding company JPMorgan Chase is reported to have plans to make a commitment into the financial technology company InvestCloud. Reports provide no information about the exact amount of the investment into the startup firm. JPMorgan wants to get new technologies for its wealth management portfolio enabling its customers to enjoy improved experience via online and mobile access and account operations.

The functionality of the new hi-tech financial services will be further expanded, as the bank promises, and added new options, including advisors and better customization of the services. The new flexibility features will be available to wealth management clients of the bank starting next year.

One of the top executives at the banking corporation notes that as the company has been managing wealth for over two hundred years it is making steps for enhancing service capabilities for their customers by streamlining the process of their communication and interaction with the bank.

JPMorgan continues its pace on its way to integrate financial technologies into its large pack of client services. The company has partnered with over three hundred companies and made about 30 deals to invest into the startups and conducted tests for more than one hundred solutions so far.

While fintech companies are entering the financial services market and becoming serious competitors to conventional financial sector players JPMorgan decided to avoid future losses to the fresh ideas, and to start integrating the innovations to increase customer experience and stay up-to-date.

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