Wal-Mart plans to integrate blockchain into its food safety control

22 November 2016

Wal-Mart is developing a new strategy to control food safety and trace the products that lead to illnesses of shoppers. The retail chain is integrating blockchain platform into its quality management system and with the new capability it will be possible to trace the data from a receipt of any shopper going as far as to the information about suppliers and places where the food was grown and persons who inspected it.

In the blockchain powered database retailer giant will have information from the pallet to the single packaged purchased at any location. In case of an outbreak of any disease related to the food poisoning the database will help Wal-Mart to find the origin in a short time. It means that Wal-Mart will no longer need to spend a lot of time for checking dozens of stores in the chain.

Blockchain will allow Wal-Mart to better control the safety of the food and provide its consumers higher level of service quality protecting their health and thus securing its sales. According to the information from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention each year about 48 million consumers are affected by foodborne problems, with 128 thousand people going to hospital and 3 thousand dying. Such outbreaks of illnesses result in decreasing sales for retailer chains and deteriorating consumer confidence and trust.

The first pilot implementation was started in October for limited number of food products and if the tests prove successful Wal-Mart will expand its blockchain database to all of its products.

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