Visa invites African fintech startups to a training camp in 2017

9 December 2016

Startup companies in Africa are registering for the participation in the bootcamp arrange for fintech industry players by Visa in cooperation with venture capital firm Nest located in Hong-Kong. Coaches from Nest will be jointly working with the executives from the payment processing company to provide workshops for selected fintech startups and train financial services institutions gathered from across the continent.

The target of the initiative is to find new companies with fresh ideas on better expansion of financial services to underserved audiences and increase the development of peer-to-peer or merchant payments. Some startups will be able to practice APIs from Visa and file their applications for the financing from Nest for further development of their businesses.

An executive responsible for Southern and East Africa operations of Visa notes that Visa represents a company aimed at innovative technologies with the technologies being at the heart of the company’s strategic development. He adds that Visa makes constant efforts to evolve and offer tailored, deep and collaborative experience to their customers and partners across the region.

Potential participants wishing to join need to file their application for the participation and the process started on December 5, 2016 and will be going through February 10, 2017. The training camp will be held in Nairobi starting March 24, 2017 and ending with the Demo Day on March 27, 2017. The program will be joined by Visa officers from Kenya, South Africa, and the UAE.

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