Visa finds that 86% of US consumers are interested in biometric protection for mobile transactions

14 December 2017

Visa published a recent study conducted by AYTM Market Research, a San Francisco-based company specializing in do-it-yourself online market research, which has polled 1,000 U.S. customers researching into the biometric technologies use on their mobile devices. The survey found that a major part of the respondents shows keen interest in biometrics for authentication purposes.

The survey revealed that 86% of the polled show interest in using biometric methods for verifying their identities or confirming transactions, over 65% of the respondents have knowledge of what biometric technologies are. 70% of the surveyed customers think that biometric methods of authentication and security protection are more convenient, while only 46% of them know that they feature higher security level than conventional passwords and PINs.

Mark Nelsen, speaking for Visa, noted that it is high time for the financial institutions to implement biometric technologies across their offerings and applications for customers, and Visa is making large investments into the inclusion of these innovations into its range of financial products and services. This October Visa announced the launch of its Visa ID Intelligence solution, aimed to help merchants, businesses, acquirers and institutions to effectively integrate new authentication methods into their services to make shopping for their customers even more convenient and safe.

Other findings in the research show that 30% of the polled used fingerprint recognition at least once, while another 35% are using it regularly. Meantime, about 32% of the respondents used voice recognition once or twice, while only 9% are using it regularly.

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