Visa develops interchangeable biometric authentication methods platform

14 November 2016

Visa wants to develop a multiple option biometric technology to allow consumers switch between them if one of the biometric authentication methods fails. The company is collaborating with biometric identity technologies developer BioConnect to launch the service with several biometric authentication methods live on one mobile application.

With the new functionality mobile users will have access to an alternative authentication method if the default one fails for some reason. As noted by the company if a user is wet and his fingerprints cannot be identified the device would prompt to use an alternative identification method, for instance, voice authentication.

Visa continues adding that if the mobile device is dropped and broken or if a customer has plans to buy another model of smartphone, the customer would not have to manually introduce their financial information from the start. The new biometric platform provides users with the opportunity to log into their account by using one of the authentication methods previously used with the old device after downloading the mobile application on the new device.

Biometric authentication platform eliminates any need in keyboard as account holders may log into their banking accounts with just touching their finger to the screen, or pronouncing something.

Visa believes that the biometric multioption authentication technology would make the password an obsolete way of protecting sensitive user data on their mobile devices.

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