Visa contactless payments now available on Fitbit smartwatches

28 August 2017

FitbitFitbit, a San Francisco-based vendor, is partnering with Visa Inc over enabling customers to pay for their purchases using its Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. In the official statement the two partners announced that the transactions will be made and processed through Visa Token Service based on a dedicated digital identifier used instead of the personal data including cardholder’s information.

Jim McCarthy, speaking for Visa, noted that the company makes continuous efforts to provide new instruments and technologies for its partners to enable secure and seamless payment experience to consumers using smart devices. Cooperation with Fitbit over its Fitbit Pay platform comes within the framework of their joint projects in the Internet of Things sphere further advancing the cashless environment.

In order to avail themselves of the new service, users need to link their Visa payment cards (debit or credit) to the account in the Fitbit mobile application, and then they may perform payments by hovering their smartwatches over the NFC-powered terminal. The information security is ensured by tokenized service, that provides additional layer of safety.

Fitbit is an American manufacturer of activity trackers, wireless wearables which can measure such data as number of walked steps, heart bit rate, quality of the night sleep, climbed steps and a lot of other data related to fitness activity. Its first device was Fitbit Tracker.

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