Virtual reality shopping improved with VR Pay payment service from Alibaba

13 October 2016

Ant Financial, a financial subsidiary of Alibaba Group, is introducing its new settlement product to be known as VR Pay for making purchases in the virtual reality using the digital goggles. Users will be able to shop in the virtual mall selecting the goods and complete the purchase just nodding their head in the virtual reality headset.

Walking in the virtual shopping mall consumers now do not need to take off their digital goggles to make payment and complete the transaction. The transaction will be completed with the head nodding. An executive of the F Lab, a testing unit of Ant Financial, notes that the service enhances the experience of users who wish to stay with their goggles on and without having to access their mobile phones for payments.

Access authorization may be performed with user credentials when they log into their accounts in the devices linked to the virtual shopping site or using the voice recognition technology. The executive says that it simplifies the payment process unlike other biometric authentication means. Consumers will have to enter their passwords just making some head movement, touching or staring at the point displayed on the virtual screen for over 1.5 second.

The virtual payment service is scheduled to be implemented for the mainstream audience later in 2016. The company believes the virtual reality technologies may soon shift from the plane of gaming to the consumer tools segment.

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