Useful financial bots for Telegram: how they can help you?

2 August 2016

These days, sending text messages using a smartphone app becomes more popular than surfing social networks. Over 2.5 billion people have at least one messenger installed, and this number is constantly growing. With the raise of instant messaging apps, the market of bots allowing interaction through a messaging interface is also ready to see a sharp breakout.

The beginning of the new bot revolution can be dated to June 2015, when Telegram, a cloud-based messenger with 100 million monthly active users, launched Bot API to allow third-party developers to create bots for Telegram. In order to attract new developers, its founder Pavel Durov announced that the company will give away $1 million in grants for creation of “impressive” bots. You can submit your software until December 31, 2016.

Currently, all bots for Telegram are free of charge, leaving their developers with quite limited opportunities to monetize their work. However, in September 2015, Pavel Durov told about the development of a new platform that will allow handling payments via Telegram. With this Payment API, it will be possible to charge users for bot subscriptions or for additional services.


Currently, all bots for Telegram are free of charge but it will be possible to charge users for bot subscriptions or for additional services

Financial planners, index and notification bots, to-do lists, banking reference materials and other business-related software assistants for Telegram are aimed to help people better plan their financial life and take full advantage of all necessary financial data they may need. Basing on their goals, financial bots can be divided into the following groups:

Money Management Bots

Money management bots are personal or business accounting programs used to assess your financial situation, manage your daily expenses, check your individual structure of costs, and keep track of your debts and loans. The ExpenseBot assistant (@expensebot) can help you monitor your spending and review your financial situation. Their mission is to simplify expense reporting via a user-friendly interface.

You can make sure that all your payments are made on time using the Money Pie bot (@MoneyPieBot) – it will help you keep track of the amounts that you owe someone or that someone owes you. Money Pie sorts out all your debts including shared expenses with your friends and colleagues and computes the current balance between you and third parties.

Stock Market and Investment Bots

 Whether you’re looking to invest or simply search stock market indices, you can add Stock Market bots to your Telegram account to keep track of the latest developments in this field. Finance Bot from Unicorn Bay (@UnicornBayBot) provides information about stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds. It allows users to search local and foreign stock exchanges by their names and gives investment recommendations. Newly-added Stock/Bonds Alert Bot (@stockalertbot) uses Yahoo Finance to keep track of stock quotes and send alerts when they change.

LARA (@lara_with_me_bot) is another startup aimed at people who want to invest their money: this automatic software platform pays a 3% daily return, but you can’t refund the deposit. The system analyzes the current portfolio of investment projects to distribute the received funds among the most stable ones. Lara also offers a referral program to attract new users.

Telegram users interested in Forex can take advantage of the Forex Brokers Reviews bot (@forexreviewbot) to receive Forex news and recommendations, compare and choose forex brokers, monitor Forex offers and promotions. Forex Calendar (@fxtm_calendar_bot) will remind you of important economic events like U.S. Nonfarm Payroll Report.

Financial Content Bots

Global media companies and smaller brands understand that messaging apps offer a new promising way to retain existing and attract new readers. Financial content bots can act as a digital newspaper, sending you relevant and interesting content in the form of a conversation or allowing you to make a search among their archives. For example, Business Insider News (@businessinsider_bot) is a fast-growing news site that sends the latest financial, business and economic stories and analysis.

Forbesbot (@forbesdotcom_bot) will provide you with the latest national and world news, interviews and videos from the leading business news source. It focuses on business, financial life, stock markets, investment banking, technology, and lifestyle. Once you subscribe to one of its news channels, you will receive the latest stories twice a day.  Russian-speaking users can install its local version – Forbes Russia (@forbesrubot).

HolyTransaction Bot

HolyTransaction Bot is a multi-currency e-wallet that allows users to store, access, send, receive, and convert their digital money right from their smartphone

Banking Bots

Contrary to mobile apps giving you fast access to your account information, banking bots are loaded with quite a limited number of features and mainly aimed at the Russian-speaking segment of Telegram. For example, Sberbank, one of the leading banks in Russia, has launched the official Sberbank assistant (@sberbankbot) providing information services: you can ask where to find the nearest ATMs or what the current exchange rates are. The bot is available in English and Russian.

MoneyTalkBot (@MoneyTalkBot) from Tinkoff Bank is more advanced: it opens up online payment capabilities and offers users to send money to friends or relatives without leaving Telegram. You just need to add your bank card and then state what amount and to which phone number you want to transfer. The bot doesn’t require installing additional applications or registering a separate account.

Bitcoin Exchange and Wallet Bots

If you are interested in bitcoin exchanges and rates, there is a lot of useful software aimed at the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin exchange and wallet (@btc_change_bot) offers to send and receive Bitcoin payments, as well as to exchange your BTC to RUB/USD. Bitcoin Converter (@btcratebot) allows monitoring BTC conversion rates and setting up personal notifications.

HolyTransaction Bot (@HolyTransactionBot) is a multi-currency e-wallet that allows users to store, access, send, receive, and convert their digital money right from their smartphone. It also provides information about current bitcoin rates and relevant news. TickerBTCbot (@tickerbtc_bot) sends the latest information about bitcoin rates.


Utility bots are practical helpers designed to make your business routine a little bit easier and more enjoyable. For example, Exhange Rates Bot (@exchangeratesbot) provides actual exchange rates for 165 different currencies and exchange rate dynamics in the form of charts using data from Yahoo Finance. Tasker (@mytasksbot) will help you organize your timetable by adding new tasks and creating daily reminders. If you have a corporate site or blog, you can add Statsbot (@GetStatsBot) to get access to visitor metrics and analytics from Google Analytics.

Financial bots can be helpful assistants, offering more features and services than a Google search can provide. However, Telegram doesn’t have any official bots, so using them for such sensitive things as money transfers requires a precautionary approach. Since bots work the same way as user accounts, treat them as strangers – be nice, but don’t tell them any passwords or social security numbers.

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