USAA digital wallet will be offering many more services and Samsung Pay

30 November 2016

USAAAs US customers are increasingly shifting to the use of digital wallets, many banks across the nation are introducing mobile wallet functionality to their portfolio of services, constantly expanding the range of services included into the mobile payment offering. Thus, USAA Bank is adding more mobile transaction features to its wallet according to the consumer demand in the market.

The base of mobile services to be added to the wallet of USAA will include among other things the indication of the full card number and information in the wallet for the customers. With this new feature account holders will be able to use their banking information without presence of the card at the point of sale. Besides, account holders will have access to the ID card for car insurance and extra ID card for medical care.

USAA account holders using the digital wallet will also be able to freeze their payment cards and report to their bank if their card is stolen or lost and, additionally, trace all transactions including unauthorized payments.

The list of the new features does not end up with the ones mentioned above. USAA wallets will also be accepting Samsung Pay for all Visa and American Express cards issued by USAA, both debit and credit cards. The bank earlier added Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Assistant vice president from USAA Bank notes that the bank has ambitions over moving their mobile offering further from the POS functionality expanding from basic services to comprehensive informational support to their customers.

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