US operations of Worldpay suffered decline affecting the year-end results of the payment processor

8 March 2017

WorldpayUnited Kingdom payment processing company Worldpay unveiled lower revenue for 2016 than previously expected. This week the company published its financial report that was affected by worsening state of its business in the United States. Worldpay notes that the US operations declined with the revenue in the second half of last year being below the scheduled value.

As the payment processing industry in the US is rapidly changing to the plane of higher competitiveness, it had significant impact on the results of Worldpay. The report shows that net sales in the US increased 15.5% as compared with the previous year to the value of $299 million, while the average transaction value dropped 2.2% to $39.9.

While the US operations constitute over ¼ of Worldpay’s business, some experts urged the company to exit the market, but CEO challenged the advice saying they have no plans to sell the US assets with the focus to be placed on small businesses and corporate clients. Worldpay will be offering businesses integrated payments by way of entering into partnerships with them.

The report further reveals that the total transaction value for the year rose 11.6% to £451.1 billion with 14.9 billion transactions processed by the company in 2016 while the same figure last year was 13.1 billion transactions. Growth of global ecommerce payment sales accounted for 21.7% making up 386.6 million as more customers were attracted to the service and taking into account the strong position of Worldpay in global retail and digital content areas.

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