UK Soldo partners with German Wirecard to provide prepaid card with better money management feature

8 June 2017

SoldoWirecard Card Solutions, an issuer of digitized prepaid card in Europe and a subsidiary of Wirecard AG, is teaming up with Soldo Financial Services Ltd, a UK fintech company authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, over providing the new financial product dubbed Corporate Expense Prepaid Mastercard developed by Wirecard on the platform of a mobile expense management application launched by Soldo.

Soldo will be offering the new prepaid card to its small to medium sized business clients within the framework of its multi-user card spending account linked to numerous Mastercard cards coupled with Admin Dashboard, a spending control application providing high degree of expense tracking and finance management.

Corporate Expense program offered by Soldo to businesses in the United Kingdom and Italy features improved money management functionality with higher control of the fund distribution. Cardholders may get mobile notifications in real time mode that enable them to increase money management efficiency while enhancing security of their card account, as users may enable or disable online transactions, money withdrawals and transactions made overseas.

Corporate Expense Mastercard jointly provided by the two companies is a general spend prepaid card product with the reloading capability. The card is linked to the account operated by Soldon under its electronic money license and is issued both in GBP and EUR currencies.

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