UK retail and commercial bank TSB adopts iris scanning feature for its mobile banking

20 July 2017

TSBTSB Plc, a United Kingdom-based retail and commercial bank, announced the implementation of the new iris scanning capability for its mobile banking service available to all owners of Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. Starting this September TSB customers will be offered to unlock their mobile banking application through the iris scanner integrated into their Galaxy smartphones.

In the official statement Carlos Abarca speaking for TSB notes that the new technology should be taken as the most advanced in terms of security eliminating the need to remember sophisticated lengthy passwords or identification keys. He adds that as iris features 266 unique characteristics unlike the fingerprint featuring just 40 identity properties, the iris scanning ensures higher level of data protection.

He further says that the iris authentication enables customers to unlock their mobile application just looking at the device, making conventional methods of identification like IDs and passwords obsolete.

The addition of the new authentication feature comes several months after TSB unveiled its upgrade for the mobile application powered by the innovative technology known as Proteo4UK. Abarca notes that Proteo4UK is a new way for the bank to improve customer experience for all UK consumers and TSB will be further working on bringing more surprising and incredible solutions like this.

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