UK fintech company attracts 7.2 million pounds

20 July 2016

UK fintech company£7.2 million investment was made into the UK fintech player MarketInvoice. Funding was led by Polish company MCI.TechVentures Fund and joined by Scandinavian Northzone. Despite sharp decline of the markets in view of the Brexit support, financing of the fintech company shows strengthening position of the industry.

While a great number of players see funding fintech industry as a venture after the national referendum, MarketInvoice remains an exception, notes the new member at the board of MarketInvoice. He believes that the economic downturn along with the unstable banking environment will benefit the positive dynamics of this P2P lending company.

In the wake of intervention made by the central bank, bank lending may significantly decrease, making way for peer-to-peer lending institutions as clients will be looking for additional financing sources. Company CEO voiced his confidence in multiple opportunities provided by every slowdown, which helps the sector develop.

London-based MarketInvoice was founded in 2011 and at the moment is a largest P2P online lending service and so far it has provided £850 million to businesses in the United Kingdom, providing currently £1.5 million a day to its customers in the UK.

The company plans to stay strong in the market using the invested funds moving forward as the leading market participant.

The executive continues saying that with the rich experience of the investor’s staff the company would be successful in its plans for long-term expansion on the international arena reaching various investors and entrepreneurs in Europe.

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