U.S. Bank makes massive roll-out of Alexa voice command service for its customers

7 September 2017

U.S. BankCustomers of U.S. Bank may now use voice commands to perform various electronic banking tasks as the seventh largest bank in the United States is partnering with Amazon over integrating its Alexa digital assistant into its mobile banking service. In the official statement the bank reported that it has become one of the first banks across the nation to allow its customers to conduct their routine operations and make inquiries by speaking to Alexa.

Using Alexa voice assistant customers may ask about their remaining balance or initiate a money transfer or make payments to their U.S. Bank credit card. The functionality was earlier tested by the bank and after successful pilot and positive feedback it made a decision to make a massive roll-out for all of its customers.

Gareth Gaston, speaking for U.S. Bank, noted that voice recognition and command technologies are increasingly becoming the usual thing in lives of consumers, as it has become natural for mobile users to ask directions to some locations or make a call through a voice command. With Alexa voice commands are lifted to a new level as customers may make inquiries about their bank account balance or learn about a payment due date.

With the new digital assistant customers may also request a complete account activity history and learn about owed amounts. It is the latest move of the U.S. Bank to digitize its services to improve customer experience. Earlier this year the bank joined the Zelle Network to allow account holders to make money transfers to other customers in a matter of minutes.

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