Two ATM hackers arrested and convicted in the United States

6 February 2018

Two men were apprehended by the law enforcement authorities in the United States on criminal charges for installing malicious code on the ATMs for subsequent withdrawal of cash. The US Secret Service last week warned the financial institutions and vendors of ATM machines that the new fraudulent scheme is emerging in America after successful experience in other countries.

The scheme involves the perpetrators usually posing themselves as technicians coming to service the ATM machine, but in fact uploading malware to compromise the system and some time after the installation of the virus is complete another pair of crooks would come to redeem the money.

In January the police was contacted by the officials of Citizens Bank reporting suspicious activity with some of its cash machines, after which the officers found Alex Alberto Fajin-Diaz and Argenys Rodriguez waiting for withdrawal of large amount in 20 dollar bills from the hacked ATM. The police searched their vehicle and found devices and instruments apparently answering the description of the tools required to compromise ATMs for redeeming the cash. The two men had over $9,000 in $20 bills with them.

The two men were arrested on the aforementioned charges and appeared this Monday before a US Magistrate Judge in Connecticut, in the process of hearing they were detained on the counts of fraud. Maximum penitentiary term for bank fraud counts may be up to 30 years in prison.

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