Top rated cryptocurrency-based games

14 March 2018

The evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is continuing. They have found application in many fields of the finance and non-finance world. Gaming is another branch where cryptos have underlined their presence. According to Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, games can be played on blockchain, which provides highest level of security and expansion that can enhance the games’ features and possibilities. As a result, there emerged many cryptocurrency-based gaming platforms and games.

Nobody can argue that PC-based and console games will keep leading positions in the gaming industry. However, the gaming market is experiencing significant changes lately. Some forecasts related to gaming revenue tell that market growth will reach $22.5 billion the next year. Since cryptocurrencies started penetrating the fintech market, it is anticipated that digital money will find application in gaming industry too. This article is dedicated to review of some of the top rated, popular cryptocurrency-based games.


TurboChargedThis game is a Bitcoin-based competitive racing game involving a lot of action. It was created on the GameCredits gaming platform, which provides for intuitive cryptographic payments gateway to satisfy needs of gamers and game developers. The game allows its users to control their balances and buy in-game features by making direct payments to its developers. TurboCharged can be played on platforms such as Windows, OS X, Linux in addition to mobile operation systems like Android and iOS.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin BillionaireThis fun game enables players to create great wealth, which will end up becoming a Bitcoin billionaire as seen from the name of the game. Any player will start having nothing in hands and use their PC to mine virtual Bitcoin and increase the wealth that way. The earned Bitcoins then can be used to upgrade the furniture or be invested in newer digital tools. However, the players should not get confused: the game does not allow mining real-life Bitcoins.


BitQuestThis is the first public server on Minecraft that will blend Bitcoin payment system, Emerald element-based crypto trading system and unique features of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) in one. With BitQuest it is planned to use decentralized money to increase participation supplemented by creation of more active gaming environment. The game does not allow players to deposit Bitcoins; they can only collect them by making in-game actions using an item-based resource system.

Island Forge

Island ForgeMade in the best traditions of MMORPG style games, Island Forge is produced by Potential Games. Players can develop their islands in this game that others can explore and rate. The game allows using Bitcoin, though playing the game itself is free-of-charge. Membership is acquired by paying one-time payment. Island Forge is played on Windows, Linux and MacOS for now.


MineThingsThis game is perfect for those who love mining cryptocurrency, trade goods and assets and being lucky digital pirate. It is a role-paying game allowing a big number of players to find over 500 items such as weapons, explosives, vehicles, ships, etc. Players can trade with each other and besides there are 12 different profession in Minethings game that makes it a very interesting online strategy game.


SaruTobiSaruTobi is a fun game where players act like monkeys who fly as high as possible to collect coins. Those collected coins are actually real satoshis, the smallest part of a Bitcoin, which players can withdraw after sufficient amount is gathered. It is a simple fun game aimed at killing time but at the same time earning cryptos. It is played on Android and iOS platforms.


8BitMMOThe game, which was released on Steam platform, is a free, massively multiplayer game produced by Archive Entertainment. This 2D, retro-style game encourages players to build anything they want in a massive universe, including cities, arenas, prisons, statues and more items. Players can chose different types of combats, such as player vs. player or player vs. environment. The game has a web-played version and is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.


CryptokittiesCryptokitties is a crypto collectible game based on Ethereum platform where players breed digital cats with the help of smart contracts. After its recent launch, the game became very popular among Ethereum blockchain users. The scenario of the game is quite interesting. Players should buy digital cats first, and then breed them to create a new generation of cats. Actually, cats in the game are smart contracts having specific set of attributes. The market factors determine their value. Now, some of the digital cats worth over hundred thousand dollars in ether equivalent.

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