Top countries with the highest online fraud risk

1 December 2017

As globalization process is further gaining momentum with an increasing number of merchants and retailers wishing to expand their business to an international scale, there is a strong demand for accurate information on the fraud rankings assigned to countries, where business owners want to operate. Below is our list of top rated fraud risky destinations around the world.


On the consumer end, Aite Group conducted a survey to analyze rate of concerns among the online users with respect to online fraud. The study showed that Brazil has the second highest rate of concern about the data breach leading to compromised accounts and the first highest rate of concern about fraud on prepaid cards, as reported by the customers.


Aite Group found that Mexico has the first highest rate of consumer concern about data breach, standing for 78% in the Americas. Besides, it has the highest rate of concerns about identity theft (83%), fraud on credit cards (73%), online banking fraud (70%), fraud on debit cards (76%), direct debit fraud (68%), check fraud (60%) and mobile wallets, including PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay (48%), followed by Brazil by a finger’s breadth in the same categories.

United StatesUnited States

Meantime, in the research held by Aite Group, surveying the consumers in the Americas, the United States came fourth after Mexico, Brazil and Canada in the identity theft category. In terms of data breach the U.S. came third (50%) after Mexico and Brazil. Ingenico study, however, showed that the U.S. had the lowest chargeback rate along with the UK, given higher level of prevention measures implemented in these countries.


Another report from Forter revealed that Indonesia was ranked as the country with the highest fraud risk for the U.S. online retailers with 35% of transactions coming from Indonesia deemed as fraudulent. According to the same study, Indonesia had over 10% fraud rate among the top five fraudulent countries.


According to the latest report by FICO, a leading data analytics company, France was ranked as No1 country among 19 European nations in terms of fraud rate by a large margin. The fraud rate in France in 2017 accounted for 8.9 basis points, 2-3 times higher than the average rate for other countries in the region. Meantime, the report noted that the major concern in France comes from identity theft, rather than transactional fraud. Identity theft rate accounts for nearly 62% of all fraud losses in the country.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

The same study from FICO also revealed that the United Kingdom was at the top of the list in terms of fraud losses recorded since 2008. The losses were driven by increasing level of card frauds, committed with the use of original and fake cards, as well as card-not-present fraud. The volume of losses in the United Kingdom totaled over 618 million pounds.

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