Top blockchain startups to invest money in

30 August 2017

Many believe that blockchain will be as impactful as the Internet, thus referring to it as the “next revolution”. Originally built as the infrastructure underlying Bitcoin, people now see the different applications of blockchain technology that go far beyond currencies. Various organizations and start-ups are trying to harness the power of blockchain to disrupt diverse industries utilizing this innovation.

Investment companies pumped a record $1 billion into Bitcoin and blockchain-related new businesses a year ago, and this year IT “big boys” like IBM and Microsoft are launching their own initiatives supporting blockchain development. We have compiled a list of the top blockchain start-ups who are making splashes and finding creative uses for this world-changing technology, being the most favorable companies to invest money in.

Cambridge Blockchain

Cambridge BlockchainCambridge Blockchain provides a blockchain-based identification system for financial institutions that need to simplify legal security measures, namely the so-called KYC solutions. In light of the launch of the European General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, the main customers of the company are expected to be from Europe.

Funders: Digital Currency Group, Partech Ventures, Santander InnoVentures

Total volume of announced investments: $ 2 million

Storj Labs

Storj LabsStorj Labs has a goal to be the world’s largest cloud storage provider without operating a data center that uses a decentralized cloud, which is accessible by anyone, anywhere. With constant data breaches and high costs, users are becoming more aware that the current model of cloud storage is broken. Storj Labs provides DaaS (Data-as-a-Service), as well as helps building tools and APIs for customers to be able to interface with this new cloud storage model.

Funders: Google Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Techstars Ventures.

Total volume of announced investments: $ 5.05 million


BitPesaBitPesa is a digital currency payments platform that accepts Bitcoin payments and exchanges for local currencies, which it then deposits into bank accounts or mobile money wallets. The company’s goal is to use the decentralized principle of Bitcoin operation and relatively low fees in order to provide people, who do not have a bank account, an access to the modern global economy. BitPesa was created as a money transfer service for Kenyans living abroad, but later shifted its focus to trade.

Funders: Blockchain Capital, FuturePerfect Ventures, Draper Associates, Pantera Capital

Total volume of announced investments: $ 5 million

Blockstack Labs

Blockstack LabsBlockstack Labs is dedicated to building a new decentralized Internet – one that remains open, neutral, and free. The company develops and scales the open-source Blockstack software alongside other members of the Blockstack community.

Funders: Naval Ravikant, Digital Currency Group, Union Square Ventures

Total volume of announced investments: $ 6.79 million


OpenBazaarOpenBazaar is an online e-commerce platform connecting buyers and sellers via a peer-to-peer network, which does not stipulate “middleman” fees for operations. Instead, the platform earns by settling disputes and acting as an escrow agent, ensuring security of purchase and delivery for both parties of transaction. The marketplace supports over 50+ cryptocurrencies.

Funders: Andreessen Horowitz, BlueYard Capital, Digital Currency Group, Union Square Ventures, William Mougayar

Total volume of announced investments: $ 4.2 million


HijroHijro is a network for business capital optimization with the help of powerful blockchain apps. It offers a marketplace for trading assets and is powered by blockchain. The start-up includes a trading platform – Hijro Trade Asset Marketplace – through which financial institutions and businesses can interact.

Funders: 500 start-ups, ArchAngels, Crosscut Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Draper Associates, Fenbushi Capital, KSTC, Lindbergh Tech Fund, SixThirty, Startupbootcamp, Thomson Reuters, UMB Banks

Total volume of announced investments: $ 2.78 million

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