TD Ameritrade to educate and inform online investors through Facebook Messenger bot

22 August 2017

AmeritradeTD Ameritrade, an Omaha-based brokerage firm providing services to individual and corporate clients seeking to invest online, plans to launch an informational service integrated into Facebook Messenger. Chat bot established by TD Ameritrade will be providing education and client account access to retail investors as well as current events and news updates in the financial markets.

One of the key differentiators from similar services available today, TD Ameritrade’s bot will be supplemented by live customer support able to come to help in several ways with customers given an option to contact a live support specialist directly within the application.

Vijay Sankaran, speaking for TD Ameritrade, noted that the goal of the company is to implement latest achievements and products in the innovation plane to advance finances to a more personalized level. He further added that while talking about money people often need a personal assistance, some questions may easily be handled by AI powering their solution providing answers anytime and anywhere.

The chat bot comes on the heels of the brokerage’s more expanded conversational philosophy based on the AI technology developed within the company to assist in a host of client support provision issues. At the heart of the new chat bot there is the same engine underlying TD Ameritrade’s Amazon Alexa skill introduced in 2016.

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