Swift launches Fintech Federation

26 August 2016

Two financial innovation organizations are teaming up for the creation of the global federation for managing the financial technologies industry. The federation will be known as the Global Fintech Hubs Federation. The new entity will deal with the financial innovation market participants and will be supported so far by several European countries including Canada and China.

The federation is introduced in the wake of the growing demand for harmonization and management on the cross-border level the financial hubs. The participants want to enhance their influence on the industry using among other things global events like Sibos along with the Finance Global summit. Sibos and the federation’s one of the founding organization Innotribe, both belong to Swift.

With the advancement of the financial technology sphere the importance of the open dialogue and cooperation in the industry is growing, believes a manager at Innotribe. After the federation opening, organizations will attend Sibos in Geneva. Last event was held in 2015 in Singapore.

Through the federation market participants will be able to share their experience and by joint forces develop the unified network boosting the promotion and improvement of the financial technologies arena, notes the chief executive at Innovate Finance, the second founder of the new federation.

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