Most successful crowdfunding campaigns

20 December 2016

Crowndfunding is gaining more popularity nowadays. Just in 2015 more than US$34 billion was raised with the help of different crowdfunding platforms. There are quite a few of those, but Kickstarter and Indiegogo can be righteously called the most successful crowdfunding sites. Design, technology and games are the three main categories individual lenders are ready to invest their money in. Let’s take a closer look at the most successful campaigns.

Smart watch pioneers

Pebble Time is the leader. They raised over US$20 million promising their investors “awesome smart watch” with no compromises. They use e-paper in its display, which is an uncommon solution, and it lets the device work up to 7 days. Apparently its simple and neat design is something people wanted to see. Seems like Pebble Time knows the secret of success. The different modification of this watch also raised US$ 22 million, thus, Pebble Time got over US$ 42 million on Kickstarter.

Pebble Time

Coolest cooler

21st century cooler is a new product that combines different things you may need at a summer party. It is a fridge and a bottle opener, a blender and waterproof wireless speakers all-in-one. It looks like it came straight from the sixties and modern technologies made it appealing for Kickstarter investors. The campaign raised over US$13 million as a result. The Coolest Cooler has a USB port that can come in handy if you need to charge a mobile phone. Over 62 000 backers supported that idea, which can also be called a huge success.

Flow Hive

New technologies can be used not only when it comes to smart watch or tablets. They can also be effective when it comes to nature. And Flow Hive can prove that. A family of beekeepers created a new way of getting honey with special flow frames. It’s made of cedar and it doesn’t damage bees and provides the safe way to get up to 18 kilograms of honey. Flow Hive is the most successful campaign on Indiegogo. The creators, Cedar and Stuart Anderson from Australia raised over US$ 13 million. Their devotion to family business and the will to improve old technologies was rewarded.

A jacket for travelers

BAUBAX LLC created a jacket that can be very useful on the road. It is the most successful clothing project that was financed by crowdfunding. The jacket has many pockets for everything a traveler can need. An inflatable neck pillow and an eye mask are also included. The creators of the campaign raised a little over US$ 9 million, showing that people want to travel without having to carry heavy bags.

Exploding kittens

Even though computer games can be found everywhere, card games are something people still love. And investors didn’t mind giving their money to a game called Exploding Kittens. In this strategic game you need to prevent an explosion, but the more cards are drawn the more difficult it becomes. This card game was given over US$ 8 million by the investors. Apparently they think you are never too old to play a card game.

OUYA game console

OUYA created a new video game console so that people could play video games on TV. They also helped indie game developers to become popular by adding their games to the big game library. Now the developers can also analyze their games and see how their product looks on TV. It helped OUYA raise more than US$8.5 million and gave a way to the independent creators.

a family

Fidget Cube

Many people can’t stop clicking their pens when they can’t focus on something important. Whether it’s just a bad habit, or they suffer from anxiety, Matthew and Mark McLachlan decided it would be a good idea to build something on, and created Fidget Cube. It has six sides that let you push and click all you want. The creators say fidgeting can be justified scientifically. And their campaign has raised over US$ 6 million. Not bad for a tiny cube.

Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 closes our list of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns. The creators of the game that first appeared on the market in 1999 didn’t want to say goodbye to their fans. So they asked their fans and anyone who is interested in classical RPG games to give them some money for the new version of Shenmue. And they raised a little over US $ 6 million, so the game could come out at the end of 2017.

If you are an individual, you can always attract investors by getting clear on your goals. Not only can you get the wherewithal to establish your business, you can prosper from it, as those campaigns prove. The people in crowdfunding community are always eager to express their opinions, which means, you can see things in a different light. That, in turn, can point out the new perspectives and opportunities. Extraordinary creativity results in a huge amount of money, and it is undoubtedly rewarding.

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