Spanish imaginBank introduces Facebook Messenger bot for customers to stay updated

6 February 2017

Mobile-only bank imaginBank owned by Spanish financial services company CaixaBank, unveiled the introduction of the chatbot for Facebook Messenger, first in the industry, to provide users with the proposals for rebates and up-to-date information on offerings across restaurants, stores, traveling tours, hotels, cultural arrangements, education, fashion and beauty industry news and many more. At the moment customers have access to over 100 offerings.

Using the Facebook Messenger chatbot bank customers can make an inquiry by texting or voice across the range of categories or ask about the nearest location of some specific retail or other services. Besides, users may customize the service setting it to send special notifications about offers on a daily or weekly basis.

imaginBank has been at the market since January 2016 and today it is serving 90 thousand customers. It was the first bank to use financial bots launching the one initially on Twitter. Twitter users may ask about nearby branches of CaixaBank and actual information about the stock prices of the bank. It also helps users to find the nearest ATM.

Apart from chatbots, CaixaBank has designed foreign trade advising service powered by IBM Watson cognitive technology. It provides assistance to managers of the bank over an array of questions related to legislature or regulations in countries.

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