Societe Generale dispatches personnel to a German fintech hub to expand the company’s presence in the sector

7 June 2017

Societe GeneraleSociete Generale, a French multinational banking and financial services provider, unveiled its plans to send its team members to Germany within the framework of the partnership with Factory, an innovation hub located in Berlin. The personnel from the French bank will be cooperating with a number of German fintech startups as it moves to expand its innovation network across Europe establishing stronger connections with fintech companies globally.

The special team assigned for this task will be engaged in the work for all business units of Societe Generale, already interacting with about 20 fintech startups in the German market. Guido Zoeller, German and Austrian market country head for Societe Generale notes that the Factory team will be focused on an array of creative developers connecting them to different business units of the bank with the aim to deliver more innovative products to their end customers. Societe Generale views Factory as the ideal place for accessing young talents in the innovation plane to increase the company’s profits due to diversification of its financial services through such cooperation.

Aymeril Hoang, head of group innovation, says that the joint efforts with Factory accords with Societe Generale’s policy of innovation advancement, and starting outside their own country is a way to bring more experiments and break-through projects to the table, and, consequently, better serve their customers worldwide.

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