SMBs affected by disasters may restore operations with AeroPay Express new virtual credit line

6 November 2017

AeroPay ExpressAeroPay Express, a provider of virtual procurement card services, announced the introduction of a special credit line targeting small to medium-sized businesses suffering interruption in supplies in the wake of natural disasters, recorded recently in the United States.

AeroPay Express is starting a new line of credit offering immediate access to $50,000 without interest for firms impacted by recent natural disasters. The purpose of the credit line is to provide assistance to SMBs in their daily operational expenses, such as purchasing deliverables and paying to their suppliers as they pushing hard to restart their regular work after fires and hurricanes.

SMBs applying for a credit with AeroPay Express will be provided a virtual procurement card enabling them to immediately use the cash for mutual settlements with their suppliers. Immediate cash availability may be crucial in the current circumstances, as suppliers incentivize their customers with bonuses and rebates for early payments.

Stephen Troy, a CEO of AeroPay Express, noted that the heaviest impact hit SMBs in the hospitality area, as they have been affected by fires in California along with Harvey, Irma and Maria hurricanes. He adds, that immediate cash for such hotels will be vital to get back to their operations and to pay for the equipment, inventory, services of specialists and contractors. AeroPay Express makes it possible with the new procurement credit line.

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