Singaporean iPhone users may make mobile transactions with their voice

28 October 2016

mobile transactionsSingapore-based number one of World’s strongest $100 billion assets banks OCBC Bank is introducing the voice-enabled transaction service in Asia using Apple assistant Siri and iMessage application. It is allegedly the first financial institution in the region to launch such service for consumers. Customers owning iPhones on the platform of iOS10 have access to Siri and iMessage through OCBC’s Pay Anyone P2P mobile application.

With the new capability iPhone owners can now pronounce a voice command to the Siri selecting the name from the contact list and send money to that recipient specifying the transfer amount. Using iMessage consumers may open the conversation screen and make a money transfer.

An executive of the electronic business department of the bank in Singapore notes that in modern world consumers prefer to have financial services integrated into their everyday applications, thus OCBC decided to provide seamless service for the iPhone users to make mobile transactions with a simple voice command.

In September the transfer limit for the bank consumers was lifted from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars. According to the same executive since that time the volumes of transfers based on the electronic payment system have risen by 250%. The company forecasts further growth of the electronic payment volumes with the introduction of the new functionality.

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