Shoppers may pay for outfit items at boutiques from the changing room using mobile wallet and interactive mirror

17 February 2017

San Francisco-based innovative technology maker Oak Labs is introducing its new special mirror with Oak Checkout technology to allow shoppers at fashion or clothing stores to pay directly from their changing rooms while trying on various versions of the desired outfits. The new solution will allow customers to use their NFC-enabled mobile devices to tap it over the contactless mirror and complete the transaction.

The new touchscreen mirror is currently available at select stores across the globe including fashion boutiques of Polo Ralph Lauren, Gerry Weber, and Rebecca Minkoff. Replacing the conventional mirror in the changing room this new fashion gadget from Oak Labs reflects the clothes brought into the changing room and prompts color or size options for them while also providing recommended looks.

Customers makes a request through the interactive mirror and the store personnel respond to the received requests with the note appearing on the mirror display: “On my way!” with their name and photo also shown near the notice.

Oak Checkout is powered by DotDashPay technology allowing customers to make payments for their purchases right from the comfort of their changing rooms evading long lines. Mobile payment options available to shoppers include Apple Pay, Android Pay and other mobile wallets.

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