Select HSBC Mastercard cardholders will be provided free Wi-Fi access while travelling worldwide

22 February 2017

As many customers travelling around the globe tend to use Internet connection from their devices, Mastercard is teaming up with Boningo Wireless over the free provision of Wi-Fi access at million premium Boingo hotspots. Access will be available for select HSBC Mastercard cardholders in Argentina, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Spokesperson for Mastercard notes that consumers value an opportunity to have unlimited Wi-Fi connection during their travel. According to the recent studies staying connected during the travel is an increasing priority for people across the globe. Busy customers value additional Wi-Fi spots in hotels and during the flight, so Mastercard decided to tackle the trend and create added benefits for consumers.

The spokesperson further notes that cardholders will have to register their card only once for accessing Wi-Fi connection without any need to login each time at every Wi-Fi spot. Under this new benefit program customers may connect up to four devices to Boingo for free.

She adds that Mastercard is lifting barriers and obstacles for affluent customers in their daily lives especially during the travel. Other studies also show that complimentary Wi-Fi connection is the top desirable convenience for over half of the wealthiest travelling people when they are on the ground, and 63% access their own devices for entertainment while in the flight.

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