Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the facial authentication to authorize mobile payments

16 March 2017

In a move to save its positions in the smartphone market after the failure with the burning units of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is improving the functionality of its next flagman device Galaxy S8. Samsung Electronics Co will add facial-recognition technology to authorize mobile transactions with the new smartphone that is going to be introduced later this month.

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will feature fingerprint, iris and facial authentication both for unlocking the home screen and facial recognition for transaction authorization. At the moment the company is already partnering with a number of banks over integration of the facial recognition system into their services.

While prior smartphone versions in the top line already had facial recognition capability it was used for unlocking the screen only, while S8 will be the first device to use facial authentication for authorizing the payments.

Among other features, S8 will have voice-based assistant, largely developed in-house, full-screen front without physical home button. Besides, the new flagman device will be using more power-efficient organic LED technology.

Before recalling the ill-fated Note 7, Samsung integrated Qualcomm’s iris scanning technology into the revoked product based on Haven solution.

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