Samsung considers possibility to make Samsung Pay accessible from other smartphones

28 July 2017

According to the latest speculations in the media, Samsung has plans to expand access to its Samsung Pay mobile payment application to other high-end smartphones manufactured by companies other than Samsung. The rumors appeared in the media brought by Gadgets360, which provided a quote from the source with the knowledge of the situation.

According to the cited source, Samsung was holding negotiations with several executives and some original equipment manufacturers over the possibility to integrate Samsung Pay with other brands of smartphones. If the speculation appears accurate, it would become a remarkable event denoting the review of Samsung’s philosophy centered around ensuring close link of Samsung Pay to the smartphones under its brand.

Enabling access to Samsung Pay from other mobile devices will further expand the mobile payment system’s presence as it is currently only available on Samsung-branded select smartphones.

The report from Gadgets360 notes that Samsung will likely add its chip that powers MST technology to allow other brands of smartphones to accept payments on Samsung Pay. Besides, Samsung is considering the possibility to sell a dedicated accessory for other smartphones to be compatible with Samsung Pay. The source cited by Gadgets360 adds that either of the possible ways will be chosen and implemented by the middle of next year.

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