Refurbished Facebook malware steals cryptocurrency and performs illicit mining

2 May 2018

Trend Micro reported the malicious activity of a notorious Chrome extension that was upgraded to attack cryptocurrency exchanges and slave user machines for illicit cryptocurrency mining activity.

FacexWorm, first appeared on Facebook last year, used the Messenger for sending malware links, and users clicking on them provided access to con-artists to their accounts and computers with effective infection of the operating system.

The upgraded version of the malware resurfaced in early April this year and appeared to steal user credentials from Google, MyMonero and Coinhive accounts. In general the virus tricks the users into making a transfer of Ether coins to the wallet of a perpetrator and among other things exploits the computer power of the victim machine to mine cryptocurrencies in the background process.

Besides, Trend Micro reported that this Chrome extension may compromise cryptocurrency transactions performed at a number of digital asset exchanges, such as Poloniex, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Ethfinex, Binance, and Blockchain cryptocurrency wallet.

The report further adds that one affected Bitcoin transaction was detected, but the volume of the mined coins was not established.

Internet users are highly recommended by Trend Micro to practice wary attitude to sharing information and remain prudent about junk mails and unsolicited messages, while also activating their privacy protection settings in their social network accounts.

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