Qualcomm brings eye scanning biometrics to Galaxy Note 7

5 August 2016

Galaxy Note 7

This week Qualcomm announced the launch of its biometric platform designed for the devices of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, in particular. Introduced earlier this week the new smartphone has an array of technically and technologically intricate functions with the focus on security. Qualcomm is powering the scanning of the eye iris with the use of its Haven solution offering biometric scanning option to add to the device security.

Executive at Samsung noted that with the biometric solution from Qualcomm the company may introduce to the market the product with iris scanning security technology. The company teamed up with Qualcomm Technologies in united efforts of their engineers to develop biometric authentication service for the newly launched smartphone.

Users met the new technology very passionately, which may result for other Qualcomm powered biometric devices in the market.

At the moment Qualcomm provides a number of solutions for Samsung’s smartphone Note 7 apart from the iris scanning capability. These include Snapdragon 820 processor enhancing the video function and Aqstic audio codec ensuring high quality audio capability on Note 7. Besides, the smartphone has a fast recharge process due to Qualcomm’s special solution known as Quick Charge.

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