ProPay brings its payment processing solutions to Australian SMBs

13 October 2017

ProPay ProPay, a TSYS-owned merchant services company, has been introduced in Australian market to allow small to medium sized businesses in the country to use its merchant acquiring payment network and, thus, to accept payments on cards from their customers. ProPay targets direct selling companies, small merchants, distributors and payment intermediaries.

Dave Duncan, a President of ProPay, notes that realizing the demands of small businesses the company is expanding into Australia to support their merchants providing the same opportunities as in the United States and Canada.

The official statement of the company reports that ProPay’s platform will connect SMBs in Australia to a host of various services, including the virtual terminal for merchants enabling them to process card payments at any place where the Internet connection is available. Apart from this, ProPay will also provide them with mobile payment acceptance functionality along with the option to view account statement on a mobile device.

ProPay allows its clients to use email and text invoices and provides them with a secure link to enter their payments into the network. Businesses may safely store card data, insert Buy Now and Donate Now links in their webpages and emails and process card transactions using touch-tone phones.

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