Popular Trojan is configured to target cryptocurrency wallets soon

9 September 2016

Dridex malware will soon be attacking user wallets in the cryptocurrency services, as the Trojan is being improved to bypass some anti-virus software codes. Experts in the security software developing centers note that the latest iterations of the malware creates blacklists to include programing codes and configurations deployed by the experts to combat the malicious software, in a move to prevent detection.

Experts believe that the perpetrators developing this malicious program have applied some modifications to the Trojan to make it evade scanning reach of the security specialists and the anti-virus applications. Moreover, experts say that the expanded functionality of the Trojan include future targets.

One of the specialists note that in view of incessant development and improvement the malware remains undetectable and taking into account the current popularity of the cryptocurrency it will surely be trying to penetrate that market too.

Main configuration set of files at the bottom of the Trojan have been altered to target various banking portals to commit identity theft and compromise private information by way of virus infections on the browsers of the victims. The perpetrators behind Dridex are currently scanning systems of their victims to detect availability of Bictoin or other cryptocurrency services.

The list of targets have been supplemented with POS software, online banking applications and wallets with the cryptocurrency services along with the back-end payment services.

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