Platforms for startups to sell their business ideas: where to go and how much does it cost?

14 February 2017

With the worldwide growth of startups it is essential to find a niche in a variety of products and services and be able to stand out and stay competitive, which is difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, there are plenty of websites useful for the technical field and design pioneers searching for investors’ support. The number of platforms listed below was developed to promote and sell new ‘creations’, offering assistance, validation and sponsorship in the process.


Launched in 2007, the website was developed as one of the most significant platforms for technical startups promotion, supported by thousands of programmers and business owners. The list of submissions is constantly moving, and once newcomers are done with the registration process, which is free, they can start sharing their ideas with the public. Further success is determined by the level of attention the project gets, therefore the description should be detailed and memorable.

Most outstanding startups are promoted to the top by huge numbers of hits, and cannot be downvoted, which gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to stay in the spotlight longer. The content of Hackernews is constantly moderated, therefore users can be sure their projects will be noticed, and sponsors will only have interesting and valuable information on their dashboard, which makes the website valuable for both parties.

Platforms for startups

Product Hunt

Having started out as a plain email list in 2013, Product Hunt has grown within the last 3 years, has become a trusted source of new products and has been recently obtained by AngelList for US $20 million. The voting system on the platform is similar to one of Hackernews and available for every member, however, only a limited number of users are allowed to leave commentaries. Products are conveniently divided into several sections, such as apps, games, and media for electronic devices.

To promote new creations consumers need to sign up and fill in a special form, which only requires a name, an address and a short description under a certain category. The top list changes every 24 hours, nevertheless, Product Hunt features e-mail services that inform all members about the daily highlights, increasing the chances for the developers to be noticed. The website is acknowledged in the world of tech and serves as a great start for those who want to attract investors.


Betalist is designed to promote the first versions of unique technical ideas which have been hidden from the public and to give the developers an opportunity to be validated. However, the idea of startup should be clear and the beta version has to be attractive to go through the process of evaluation and be given positive recommendations for further publishing on the website. Although the product must be kept private to be featured on Betalist, it should be qualified for public introduction.

All projects featured on the main page are thoroughly tested; therefore they attract investors and programmers, who are willing to team up with developers. Betalist is also a great tool for revealing potential consumers, who can vote for their favorite projects and become enthusiastic testers. The creators are able to choose between plans after the registration, and while the validation is free, the extra advertising can be costly and starts at US$ 899. Nevertheless, with over 70,000 visitors a week it might be a fair price to pay.


The UK website was launched in 2015, and it gives the newcomers an opportunity to promote their own pages by offering deals to their future visitors. While submitting a product is free, the sponsored deal, which costs US$ 27 may be more cost efficient, since the link will be posted in a special section on the top of the page and thousands of people will see it. The deals vary from first free months of access to a number of discounts that can be attractive to potential customers.

Deals need to be accepted by moderators giving the creators the chance to comment on their products and all new settlers will receive messages with confirmation. The platform is perfect for attracting clients and obtaining potential sponsors who will be able to try everything themselves. The reviews, members leave on the website, can also stimulate further improvement of the products and services, therefore SignUpFirst is worth giving a try.


The platform provides a new business experience, helping the creators of new ideas and new entrepreneurs with funding, as well as giving them an access to education and mentors, if needed. The company is a group of 6 different branches working in different spheres, and the money is raised on, which belongs to, and is known for raising over US $290 million for a variety of businesses with the help of angel investors through crowdfunding.

Launchrock branch supplies the new projects with a huge amount of customers, having helped to support over 800,000 of small businesses, and Bizplan will help the inexperienced developers to create a solid business plan. It costs US$ 179 a month to raise funds for the new businesses, nevertheless, there are no success funds; therefore, once the developers are content with the sum, they won’t be obliged to pay any extra to the company.

While taking steps to create and sell startups is challenging, engaging customers into the process may create new opportunities, and some platforms put it into practice free of charge, although it is more reasonable to invest some money in advertising at times. Moreover, the ability to learn and be flexible while looking for investors is the key factor of success, along with full understanding of consumers’ needs and willingness to improve certain fields of life.

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