PayPal starts anti-plagiarism case against Indian Paytm payments provider

22 December 2016

paytmPayPal is explicitly displeased with the mimicry and imitation taken place in India on the part of the competing electronic payments company Paytm. To bring the case to a level of legal dispute PayPal filed a trademark infringement complaint against the Indian counterpart with the Indian Trademark office this week, alleging that the competitor’s look and colors of its logotype are much like its own.

The complaint against the Indian leading payment system states that Paytm uses the same colors for its logo as those used for the logo of PayPal with the clause that both services use the word “Pay” in their trademark. The filing further adds that the Paytm’s logo confusingly resembles the appearance of PayPal identity thus drawing consumers into indirect deception.

While the payment market in India features great diversity Paytm has become a notable player taking advantage of the Indian government’s move to withdraw several bank notes out of circulation across the country. A month ago Prime Minister of India made an announcement that 500 and 1000 rupee notes would no longer circulate as legal tender. The initiative was prompted by considerations of preventing fraud nationwide.

After the announcement by the head of the Cabinet customers have been increasingly resorting to electronic payments thus boosting the popularity of such platforms as Paytm, MobiKwik and FreeCharge. Meantime a remarkable penetration of Paytm in India goes on the wheels of its close ties with Chinese Alibaba owning with its Ant Financial a 40% stake in Paytm mother company.

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