PayPal to process property management transactions

28 September 2016

Online and mobile payments leader PayPal is partnering with the billing provider PayLease over the payment options for the property management clients and homeowners associations. House owners and lessees will have more payment methods due to this cooperation between PayPal and PayLease in transactions made for collecting rents and dues.

People renting houses and owners of the property will have access to PayPal as a convenient payment option with high security and faster speeds of settlement.

Executive at PayLease notes that the company believes in great potential of this cooperation as it gives added value to the settlement process between their property management customers and people renting homes, while their lives are improved with advanced convenience of online payments, streamlining the payment process.

Customers can now make payments via PayPal by selecting this payment option on the website of their property management company or on the website of PayLease. After the end of the transaction it will be recorded on the books of the property manager and PayLease.

Senior executive at PayPal says that while the company is making every effort to make payments even more convenient and faster, it is a good deal to partner with PayLease which shares their vision on the future of online transactions.

At the start of the partnership only specified number of customers will have access to PayPal payment method while the whole base of the clients will be able to use it a little later.

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