PayPal helps business customers start selling online, launching its Business in a Box platform

2 May 2017

PayPalBusiness owners planning to start selling online and established offline sellers who want to start their operations using an Internet-based store will be able to avail themselves of the new assistant service launched by PayPal known as Business in a Box. The new platform offers a set of tools for businesses to start their online activity including accounting, finance management, inventory tracking and other instruments for creating an online shopping place.

Business in a Box is linked to the Business account of merchants and they can opt for either entire package or some specific services. The initial launch comes through cooperation with WooCommerce and cloud accounting firm Xero with other options and services to be introduced at later stages.

The service is good for startups having little knowledge of how to open an online storefront and for well-established firms planning to expand into the Internet-based sales and looking for some loans for their business, as PayPal is making its push into increasing its influence through the lending platform Working Capital launched 4 years ago, thus, widening the perception of the company far beyond being just a payment provider.

Spokesperson for PayPal noted that they are trying to bring to merchants’ attention the fact that PayPal is no longer just a yellow button for payment on the online shopping websites, it is an entire ecosystem for small businesses, and with Business in a Box PayPal is coupling the new functionality with existing tools to establish single experience for merchants.

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