PayPal expands its parntership with Facebook by enabling Messenger invoices

21 November 2017

PayPal PayPal and Facebook announced expansion of their partnership to offer business owners using Facebook Messenger an option to issue their invoices for the purchased items over the Messenger. The transactions will also enjoy the same buyer protection policy applied by PayPal to other shopping methods.

Invoice can be drawn up within the Messenger itself and sent to a buyer. The functionality becomes available for users in the United States first, as over 2.5 million U.S. account holders of PayPal are already using Facebook.

The new joint initiative comes as a response to growing competition in the market, where mobile payments are led by such players as Apple Pay, Square Cash, Venmo and Snap.

Last month Facebook and PayPal announced their new joint effort to enable social media users send and receive money through Facebook Messenger with linked PayPal account. Last year the two companies disclosed their deal to allow customers to shop on the Messenger by linking their PayPal account to Facebook.

Earlier this month PayPal reported the introduction of a new money collection function for its customers to enable them to collect funds for achieving their personal goals or sharing the costs associated with group activities. The new feature dubbed MoneyPools will be available in the form of “Your Pools” link in the personal cabinet for users in 17 countries worldwide.

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