PayPal contactless payments launched in UK for Vodafone users

11 October 2016

Vodafone World’s leading payment system PayPal is cooperating with the UK-based transnational telecommunications corporation Vodafone over the use of the contactless mobile payment service by the British consumers for transactions under 30 pounds. Users may pay for their small purchases with PayPal account funds on their Android-based devices tapping them over the payment terminal.

Purchases can be made in more than 400 thousand restaurants, stores and city transport sites with the contactless payment capability.

Customers who wish to make purchases for higher amounts may use their Vodafone Pay account with Mastercard or Visa card linked to it.

Users of the mobile communication carrier may subscribe for PayPal account using the application. Meantime with Vodafone Pay mobile consumers may make purchases with their device being out of battery or off because the special contactless SIM card automatically interacts with the payment terminal. For a payment they need to have a contactless SIM card which can also be requested within the mobile payment app or applied for at any Vodafone location.

When making any purchase with PayPal customers do not have risk of data compromise because all the transactions are registered in the application and account of PayPal service, not on the mobile device of the user or their SIM card.

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