PayPal becomes a payment option in Android Pay mobile wallet for NFC-payments at stores

18 April 2017

Global online payment services provider PayPal Holdings Inc is teaming up with Google over a new deal to integrate PayPal payment option into Google’s Android Pay enabling customers to make payments at brick-and-mortar stores using near-field communication technology to tap their smartphones with Android Pay wallets and pay for the purchases.

Under the terms of the new partnership PayPal may now be linked to Android Pay accounts on Android-powered smartphones, and, hence, customers may pay for items at store locations such as Walgreens Boots Alliance drug stores and Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants selecting PayPal as their preferred payment method for their Android mobile wallet.

PayPal has been pushing hard to step out website-based payments and expand into the physical locations as well as global money transfer services and mobile shopping on the go. With the new agreement PayPal gets more opportunities for expansion and increasing the volume of transactions.

Spokesperson for PayPal note that the arrangement is just another logical step in the company’s pursuit of successful partnerships in the industry, underlining the mutual benefit derived by both parties of the deal.

The integration deal is another portion of fresh fuel to ply the fire of speculations about possible acquisition of PayPal’s business. Meantime, PayPal still remains unavailable for Apple Pay users.

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