PayPal becomes available for making purchases on iTunes, App Store and Apple Music

12 July 2017

PayPalPayPal and Apple, old rivals, made an announcement this week about their partnership whereunder PayPal will be accepted as another payment option when making purchases through iTunes, App Store or Apple Music using any iOS-based device (iPhone, iPad and iPod). While at the initial launch the new payment capability will be accessible only for Canada and Mexico-based users, it is scheduled to introduce across the United States in a short run, while specific dates have not been indicated in the official statement.

In order to activate the feature of making payments with PayPal users need to add it as their preferred payment option in the settings of their Apple account. Making PayPal as the default payment method means that it will be used instead of any payment card added to the list of payment choices.

The report also unveils that Apple TV and Apple Watch will have a choice to use PayPal One Touch solution, enabling users to perform purchases through these devices authorizing them with a fingerprint.

Bill Ready, a COO at PayPal, notes that the integration of PayPal into Apple’s ecosystem meets the increasing demand of customers for digital entertainment, ensuring secure and flexible payment experience. He adds that introduction of PayPal across Apple’s platforms is another step in the company’s move to provide smooth payment services for mobile sales including instructions given to Siri to pay for an item using the PayPal application.

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