PayPal becomes available for game purchases on Nintendo Switch

23 August 2017

PayPalPayPal keeps on striking deals and entering into partnerships as it seeks to reinforce its presence in the tough competitive environment, and the latest deal has been concluded with Nintendo to allow gamers to make payments from their PayPal accounts directly on the Nintendo Switch and the gaming vendor’s website.

Reports in the media disclose that players may connect their PayPal accounts with Nintendo profiles for further purchases of gaming items or games. This payment method will be available only for Switch, while Wii U or Nintendo 3DS will not support PayPal so far.

The new partnership brings an array of benefits for gamers as games purchased for Switch in one country could be played on game consoles at another country, and to date users have been experiencing some inconveniences in this regard having to pay heavy fees to banks for foreign transactions while PayPal will turn out to be a cheaper method. Besides, households will be able to establish PayPal account for their minors instead of providing their card information stored on game consoles.

It is the most recent cooperation entered into by PayPal announced over the past weeks. This month PayPal has announced its joint forces with Microsoft to allow Skype users to transfer money within the mobile application.

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